Monday, 15 July 2013

Siva Buggies in France and Holland

French magazine 'Maxi-Austin' spends no less then 6 pages to a British registered Siva Moonbug in their current issue. The pictures are nice but the words do not shed any new light on the car. It does mention the Euromotor company, too, which built the car under the Siva Moonbug name in The Netherlands in the mid-1970s. Some time ago I wrote that I couldn't find anything more about them (frustratingly, as I used to live close to where they supposedly were based - more here). But now that time has come. In fact, Euromotor wasn't based in Amsterdam but in Amstelveen - a village close by, or so I found. They also had a dealer in Baarn, some 40-odd miles east from Amsterdam/Amstelveen. Apart from a period ad, I came across a rare Dutch brochure and found that Euromotor were importing the Mini-based Scamp in Mk1 configuration to The Low Countries, too. Presumably they sold four of these but I have never seen one. Who has?

Nice example of a Siva Buggy in French magazine Maxi-Austin this month
Image courtesy Maxi-Austin

Dutch brochure of the Siva Moonbug, issued in Amstelveen - not Amsterdam
Jeroen Booij archive


  1. Hi ,
    We are from Czech Republic and we believe we have this kind of buggy. There is no marks on it ,but it has an engine from Mini as well as the front and rear axis. If you are interested we can send you some pics. My email address is
    best regards.