Monday, 29 July 2013

On the street where you live...

I like this sort of message, this one coming from John McKie: "Here are three of the Mini/Metro based kit cars from my street in Craghead, Durham. A Midas gold, a Domino Pimlico, which I own, and I think the other one is a Nomad. You could probably confirm that as I haven't been able to catch the owner as yet. Best, John McKie." That, indeed is a Foers Nomad, John. It's appears to have an extra long wheel base with its four doors. And it doesn't wear the spoilers like the last one spotted here. Thanks, John!

Midas Gold and Domino Pimlico share space in John McKie's street
Picture courtesy John McKie

Further down the road in Craghead: a Four-door Foers Nomad on Q-plates
Picture courtesy John McKie

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