Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ogle press statement

A lovely little piece of Ogle history was sent in by Paul Fleetwood, who wrote: "Earlier this year in one of your excellent blogs regarding the Super Ogle SX1000 you included a press cutting provided by Pete Flanagan" (find it here, and click here for some pictures of the car with Stirling Moss).
"I have an original press statement from Ogle Design announcing the same version, but unfortunately they did not date the statement. Would you know or be able to find out for me from which publication and it's date that Pete got that cutting from? Thanks very much for your help in this matter."Thank you Paul! And let's see how long it takes before a date is pinned to this press statement.

Press statement announcing the Ogle SX1000 Super. But from when is it?
Picture courtesy Paul Fleetwood

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  1. Hi chaps, I'll have a rummage through my Autosports this week and see which magazine that particular Ogle ad came from. More soon !

    Pete F