Thursday, 14 November 2013

Where's Paul's bird puller?

Paul Edwards dropped a line on the forum to see if anyone out here knows more about the Mini Marcos he once had. He wrote: "I came across this forum while cruising for Mini parts and it made me think about my old Marcos. I was wondering if by chance it's still around or anyone knows of its fate? I bought it in the late 70's as being the car from the 1971 London motor show. It was white and fitted with a tailgate. The registration number was CHY 1K and it was fitted with a 1380cc engine and straight cut gearbox when I got it. For the 20-odd year old boy that I was it was quite the bird puller! Anyway after a fire I got urge for something a little less flammable and went on to the standard Cooper cars. The Mini Marcos was purchased by a Peter? in Merton I think. Did it survive or was it broken up?" Unfortunately I don't know anything about it. It did ring a bell, but all I could find was a picture of the 1969 Motor Show with a Mini Marcos outside. Now if Paul's Marcos really was a former show car someone should know it?

Another white Mini Marcos, not in 1971 but at the 1969 London Motor Show
Picture Jeroen Booij archive


  1. This was my car SOF 140H in 1969 with me at the wheel aged 21.

    1. Wow! Any more details would be highly appreciated.

  2. I built it in my 10 day holiday as I could not be without transport.
    I entered the build manual experience into my apprenticeship competition and ended up in an engineering show and the national papers.
    This was the sun.