Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Freewheelers Mini Bug found

Before we have our man Barry Stimson himself dish up some more tales here, have a look at this. A Stimson Mini Bug, which feels rather sorry for itself, oh yes. But according to Barry Tilbury, who bought it recently, it is one of the cars that featured prominently in the 1970s television series Freewheelers. In fact he says it is the car registered RPX 885K, which can also be seen here in its heyday. We don't know, but would love to see it being restored. More information is welcome!

UPDATE 4 February 2015: Barry sent in a copy of the car's document - it's the one!

A Stimson Mini Bug, no doubt, but a rather special one to 1970s tv fans
Picture courtesy Barry Tilbury

According to the new owner the car is complete but needs a restoration
Picture courtesy Barry Tilbury

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  1. And there's a Minibug 2 for sale on eBay at the moment...