Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Get ready for the 2nd Action Day!

After last year's first track day for fans of early Minis and Mini based cars, the time has come to get ready for the 2015 edition! The second Mk1 Performance Conversions / Maximum Mini Action Day will once again be held at Blyton Park, Lincolnshire, this time stretching over the weekend of Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd of May 2015 with plenty to do and see on both racing tracks of the venue.

Full details can be found here and anyone wanting to book one of the 120 track places will find the details there, too. Drop me a line if you need details from me or if you want to put your Mini derivative on display at the Maximum Mini stand. In the next weeks/months I will do some postings about the event here, too, with some ery exiting cars and their respective owners on their way to Lincolnshire in May! Meanwhile, you may enjoy the great little video my brother made of last year's event below.

Great Mini derivatives at Blyton Park during the 2014 Action Day
Video: J & J Booij

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  1. We have Ogle SX1000, Biota, Cox GTM, Unipower GT, Marcos Mk1,Minisprint, Maguire and Nimbus already booked onto the track and lots more derivatives in attendance. Admission is by donation at the gate to our chosen charity this year : Alzheimer's Society. Special guests from the heyday of the Mini include Gordon Spice, Anita Taylor, Whizzo, Warwick Banks, Mike Wood, Jumpin Jeff Williamson to name but a few and with more personalities connected to 'Maximum Minis' to add!

    See you at Blyton Park!

    Pete Flanagan