Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Really! A four-door Mini Marcos

You thought a convertible Mini Marcos was a daft idea? Well, how about a four-door version? Regular contributor Richard Hawcroft sent in this intriguing shot. Unfortunately with no more information whatsoever. On our simple question 'what on earth is that?' the equally simple reply was: "I don’t know anything, but it looks like a 4-door Marcos! Do you mean I have caught you out again!" Yes, my friend, it certainly looks like it. I am stumped and I've never heard or seen anything about such a car before. All we know comes from our friends at the DVLA: '9875 BT' is applied to what officially is on the road as an 848cc Austin which dates back to November 1961. Oh - and it's just got a fresh MOT for another year. To me it seems like a heavily modified Mk4, with elongated wheelbase, roof, extra and altered doors but still retaining its original hatchback door in a different angle.
Have you seen it on the road or do you know who, when, what, where and… why?! Please get in touch.

UPDATE: We now have a VIN number, which seems odd, too: A.A237D.166071M. Anyone who can make something out of that? Updated update: Nothing odd, code cracked and Cowley built Mk1 Austin Mini is indeed its base. 

9875 BT is a four-door Mini Marcos. Probably a Mk4 that was modified. But by who and why?
Picture courtesy Richard Hawcroft


  1. Surely it would fold in the middle if it is all GRP

  2. It's sits high so maybe on frame work

  3. A.A237D.166071M

    A=A series engine
    2S= (Missing the 3 may be an S) but 2door saloon
    7= Mk1 Austin
    D= Deluxe
    166071= Sequencial build number
    M= Cowley

  4. Speaking of Odd Mini conversions, has anyone ever swapped the A-Series engine for a similar-sized 803-1493cc Standard-Triumph I4 along the lines of the Triumph-powered late-model MG Midget 1500?

    Find the idea quite interesting though figure it might be easier to find the Triumph engine into a Clubman compared to a classic fronted Mini.

  5. See here for a little more about it: