Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Mini Marcos racers are everywhere

A string of Mini Marcoses in racing guise has turned up for sale recently. Let's have a look at the ones that are on the market at the moment.

The famous 1976 TransXL Mini Marcos, a Mk4, has come up for sale once again...
Picture Silverstone Auctions

It proved unbeatable in the hands of Steve Roberts and will be auctioned soon with no reserve
See it for sale here
Picture Silverstone Auctions

A Mk3 in lovely colour scheme and fully prepared is seen for sale in Italy. It is said to be a 1965 car, which it surely isn't. See the ad here.
Picture Luigi Moreschi Motorsport

Another Mini Marcos for sale in Italy. Now advertised as a 1966 Mk2, but again I don't think so. This looks like another Mk3 to me... See it for sale here
Picture carandclassic.co.uk

1970 (Mk3) Mini Marcos GT Racer with 1340cc and 105bhp of power plus ultra wide body
See it offered for sale here
Picture carandclassic.co.uk

This is a Mk4 seen for sale in France with an extra 1380cc engine and lots of spares
See the ad here
Picture leboncoin.fr

Bonus picture: this car was seen at the Retromobile show in Paris last weekend
I don't think it is for sale though
Picture through Flickr

Despite a sign saying it was a 1966 car, this is a Mk4 of the 1970s. Please get those years right!
Picture through Flickr

UPDATE 15 February: Reader Eiji Watanabe came across a Mini Marcos racing car that has just made it to the market in Japan. It's another Mk4, an early one, but not as we know it!

Ultra wide Mk4 Mini Marcos with massive spoilers is for sale in Japan now
See the ad by clicking here.
Picture auctions.yahoo.co.jp


  1. According to the auction website, Trans XL sold for only £5738 !!

  2. Hi, are there any more pics and pieces of info available on the last Japanese mk4? Really interested, thanks for sharing.