Thursday, 12 March 2020

Johannesburg Jeep found

South-African based reader Leon Daniels has an great nose for finding Mini based oddities (earlier find here) and the latest one he came up with is a Jeep-like creature, which was built around Mini running gear in South-Africa. He wrote: "Cheap as chips, seems to be a one-off in Johannesburg. Can’t decide if I should rescue it or not!" And so I advised Leon to rescue it and he listened to me! And it's not the only South-African Special he picked up. More on another find soon!

A possibly unique Mini Jeep kind of vehicle was unearthed in Johannesburg, SA
Picture Leon Daniels

Not much is known about it but reader Leon Daniels was the man to save it
Picture Leon Daniels

This engine may be in the car's cabin now, it certainly was under the bonnet once!
Picture Leon Daniels

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