Tuesday 6 December 2022

Mini Jem Estate: it still lives

Many years ago I wondered where the Mini Jem Estate could be that was also described in the Maximum Mini books and here on this very weblog. It did take another two years before I received an answer from the car's then-owner Steve Padfield, who wrote: "I own the prototype Mini Jem Estate you have listed, that I bought from Mike Brown. It is still safe and I hope to restore it one day but as usual there are more projects than time. I plan to paint it light blue once I have tackled the crazed gel coat as I have an unfortunate history with motor vehicles painted white. The interior will be light grey. Knowing it is such a rare car I will be restoring it as far as possible to original specification. Retirement is in the near future so perhaps then."

But it seems that Steve never got 'round to do it. I recently learned that the car was sold again with the new owner now also planning a restoration. It's still in the UK and it's not the only exiting Mini based car the current owner has. More to follow.

Mini Jem Estate is believed to be a factory-built prototype
Picture via Paul Wylde

The car has been languishing for ages, but the new is planning a restoration
Picture via Paul Wylde

The last pictures I saw of it date back to the 1990s. These are from this year
Picture via Paul Wylde

A Fellpoint car with chassis number RS M2 1076, which makes it an early Mk2
Engine was in last time I saw it (on photographs)
Picture via Paul Wylde

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