Friday 16 December 2022

Reptune Gullwing still in Canadian woods

Many years ago pictures of a Reptune Gullwing in a very sorry state were sent over to me (click here). The car, or what was left of it, was found by George Allen of Canada who stumbled upon it in the woods near Flesherton, northwest of Toronto. I wondered what happened to it and asked wether it could still be out there? 

Well, it is! Avid reader Miguel Plano, who lives in Canada himself, spotted the car being offered for sale together with more Minis and Mini parts all lying in the same wooded area. The seller is somewhat limited in his information, writing: "I have these Mini shells for sale, these are parts cars. Please send a message if you want parts or a complete shell." For the enthusiast, the asking price of 100 Canadian dollars cannot seem bad.

The Reptune's creator, the very colourful Dennis Prophet, passed away at the age of 87 back in 2017. Click here for a full obituary.

Still there: a rare Reptune Gullwing as made by the late Dennis Prophet
Picture Mark Adams

This may well have been its engine and front suspension, which were in last time
Picture Mark Adams

It is not the only Mini seen at the forest, north-west of Ontario in Canada
Picture Mark Adams

And there are more parts also. These are all for sale for just 100 dollars now
Picture Mark Adams

Another engine in what seems to be a shed or barn is included in the sale also
Picture Mark Adams

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