Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Happy 2023 - Unipower GT is Find of the Year

All of the best for the New Year to Maximum Mini readers world wide! 

This weblog is now in its 12th year and with almost 1,500 articles online an ever-growing source on anything about Mini based cars. 

With exactly 40% of the votes you chose the Unipower GT as the Best Find of 2022, so congratulations to the car's owner. I understand there has been a bit of an argument within the family about selling or keeping the car and they have decided to stay with it and give it the restoration it needs, which is nice and I hope to report about that soon. I also understand that it was another ex-demonstrator car for a Unipower distributor and it was originally owned by a man named Douglas Bruce, who supposedly sold it to a stuntman next. It would be lovely to hear more about that, too. 

This recently recovered Unipower GT was chosen as the Maximum Mini Best Find of 2022
Picture courtesy Matt Philips

The same car back in the days when it was almost new. It hasn't changed too much
Picture courtesy Tim Carpenter

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