Thursday, 8 March 2012

Landars at speed

It's not long anymore before our cheriched little cars will make it to road and track once again. I'm not sure if there are any Landars (R6s or R7s) left in the UK or in Europe, as most seem to have found their way to the US and Japan. Reason the more to show you some images here of a few Landar R6s in their natural habitat: the racing track. More here. And here.

Tim Dyke's Broadspeed tuned Landar R6 tackling Barbot hill climb in 1968
Picture courtesy Tim Dyke

An unknown Landar R6 at an unknown event. Great shot though
Picture courtesy Kazuo Maruyama, source unknown

This is the aluminium bodied R6 prototype being tested at Silverstone
Picture courtesy Tom Northey

Another R6, this time in the USA in the late 1960s
Source unknown

All I know about this Landar is that it raced Prescott Hill here
Picture courtesy Autosport magazine


  1. Landar R6 in USA could be from racine ?

  2. Don't know. It looks to be the same car as the one used on the American brochure.

  3. As you talk about the Tim Dyke "Broadspeed tuned" car, Landar used Broadspeed engines & suspension parts - they even worked together at the '66 Racing Car Show.
    So It's not only mr. Dyke's car that has Broadspeed connections.

    1. Hi,
      I think I had the ex Tim Dyke car it was green met with an orange stripe have just found photos after all these years


    2. Sounds great! Do send them over if you'd like me to write another little article about the car.

  4. Dear Dutch Anonymous Broadspeed fan, look out for a picture of the '66 show only to be amazed to find this particular car at the Landar stand, including stickers 'Team Landar powered by Broadspeed'.

  5. So just as i stated before, all Landars used Broadspeed engines and suspension and the sticker just confirms that. (i'm not amazed at all)
    So, was mr Dyke the team driver for Landar (if there ever was a team Landar)?

  6. I had a Landar R7 raced it in 1975/76 at Oulton park and Croft, it was built by Broadspeed there was a name plate on the engine cover that said Broadspeed, [Stephen Lawrenson]

  7. Hi Stehen,

    Thank you for your comment. I came across a Landar R7 in Japan a couple of years ago. That car was imported from the UK in the late 1980s. It was said to use a Broadspeed short stroke 999cc engine and came in red with Revolution wheels. Could it be the same car?