Monday 5 March 2012

Mystery Mini derivative (19)

Hey-ho, let's solve another mystery. This good looking '66 Mini based thingy is not a Buckle Monaco, nor is it one of Des Higgins' 'Ecurie de Dez 2+2's. Unlike these two it does have a big hatchback, as you may have notived from this somewhat blurry image. Funnily, it does share its country of origin with the Monaco and Ecurie the Dez as it was built Down Under too! Eagle eyed readers may have noticed this from the quarterlights, typical for Aussi Minis. In actual fact I know a tiny little bit extra about it (not a name though), but thought it would be nice to give you guys a try first. So there we go again: who knows more about this Mini derivative on show?

Is it a Mini coupe or a Mini hatchback? It is Australian, that's for sure


  1. Because Americans and Australians love big cars and oversized automobiles, BMC Australia later known as British Leyland had launched and offered in the 1960s an enlarged and longer MINI version with redesigned bodyshells with similar mechanicals as fitted in the UK factories. So it could well be a MINI Estate slightly different than its British cousin. Later in 1970 British Leyland Of Australia started making their own original sports cars and no longer made MINI models, once the ROVER Group relaunched the 1980s new MINI range.

    1. Okay, let me reveal a bit more, as I do have some additional information on this particiular one. It was an ordinary (but probably Australian built) Mini, modified by Sydney Technical college students and shown at the Sydney Motor Show in September 1965. The modified panels are of 20-gauge steel sheets. That's all I know...

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