Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mystery Mini derivative (39)

Believe it or not: this is my 500th post since I started this blog four years ago. And the very first was a Mystery Mini derivative (still unsolved!), so why not make the 500th again a mysterious Mini based motor?

The one shown here came to me via regular Miguel Plano of Canada. The car in question is advertised on a Canadian website and doesn't look like anything else I've seen before. Was it built for a specific (agricultural) purpose? It has some Moke styling cues, but is shorter and is clearly based on an ordinary Mini saloon. The Mini bonnet is still in place and I think the same goes for the inner fenders. But then the rest of it! It's considerably shortened and looks like something from the fairground! See the ad here. I have asked the seller for more information but he doesn't reply. Perhaps someone out here knows more about it?

The base supposedly is a 1968 Morris Mini with the conversion dating back to the 1970s
Picture courtesy

The car's rear looks like it was meant to be used as an agricultural machine?
Picture courtesy

Engine is said to be an 850 and looks bog standard. It's not seized but doesn't run either
Picture courtesy

The body conversion certainly hasn't left much place for the driver and passenger!
Picture courtesy


  1. A very interesting car, I hope you find more about it.

    Well done on your 500th post, your time and effort is most appreciated. Nigel Lamb Scotland UK.