Wednesday 20 May 2015

One Unipower GT that does survive in Spain

Not much information comes with these two pictures, but at least it's good to see that 'B-570090' survives. Or seems to do so. It's one of several Unipower GTs that came to Spain. Here's another Barcelona-registered one, plus one from Madrid and another on Madrid plates. Even Spanish EU commissioner Miguel Arias Canete has one! And then there were several Unipowers that were raced in Spain. This one in the '68 Barcelona 6-hour race and the one below at an unknown place and time. More info? You know where to find me.

Barcelona-registered Unipower is one of several cars that made it to Spain
Picture via Xavi Enrich

Dusty but looking good. Who knows more about this Unipower?
Picture via Xavi Enrich

This is believed to be another Spanish Unipower GT, but again, there's no more information
Picture source unknown


  1. Jeroen, Unless the license plate was swapped, the red car is #13, later owned by Miguel Arias Cañete. Any idea when the photos were taken?

    1. Yes, that's correct. I found that out in the meanwhile. The pictures were taken when it was in the ownership of Miguel Brunells.