Friday, 29 May 2015

Radford Minis reappear in all sorts of conditions

Three Radford Mini DeVilles have reappeared recently with all of them totally different in appearance and condition. First of all there is a rare Mini traveller based DeVille about to be ready from a total refurbishment. You may remember a French registered car turned up in the UK some three years ago (see here), but this one seems to be slightly earlier. According to Steve Burkinshaw 10 Travelers and / or Countrymans may have been converted in total, of which he knows about 5 survivors. The one below was new to me. It's a cracking car in deep black with the signature wicker work and some unique features, like the split 'clam shell' tailgate with low window and ivory leather interior, which suits it beautifully. I understand the car is in its last stage of a full restoration at the moment - and still is in the UK. It will be great to see it back on the road.

Left hand driven, like the French car that came to the market three years ago

It is believed some 10 Radford Mini DeVilles came as a Traveller or Countryman

This car is almost finished after a full refurbishment. Note the 'clam shell' tailgate

Interior was given the full Radford treatment, too, including burr walnut and electric windows

Secondly, a Mini DeVille with 1071 power has been found in a derelict state and is also bound to be brought back to its full former glory soon. The car is right hand driven, bronze coloured and said to be complete. Last but not least a well-known 1967 coachbuilt Mini with the hatchback and Mercedes headlights conversion has come to the market and has already been sold again. The car in question is believed to have started life as a Wood & Pickett Mini Margrave that was later given a makeover by Radford and Co. The vendor, based in Scotland, advertised it with some gorgeous pictures!

Golden discovery: Morris Cooper 'S' by Harold Radford, soon to be restored

Work in progress. This one is right hand driven and comes with 1071 engine

Duotone green/silver is great. Mercedes headlights, but fortunately not the Mercedes grille like this one

The advantage of a full Webasto roof: you can make some great pictures of the sumptuous interior
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Hatchback conversion is said to have been carried out later in its life by Radford. UPDATE: others mention that it was carried out by a private owner in the 1990s
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  1. pretty sure that car with Mercedes front lamps was an 80s conversion.

  2. And the hatchback was done by the owner in the 90s, NOT by Radford. It was done as a replica. That needs to be corrected as it's still being misdescribed online when being sold.