Wednesday 14 December 2016

What is going to be the Find of the Year 2016?

I nearly forgot a grand Maximum Mini tradition: the official 'Find of the Year' poll! Several interesting Mini based cars were found in sheds, lock-ups, gardens and garages again and I made a selection out of 5 of them.

You will find the cars that have made it to the contest below. To vote simply go to the poll on the right side of this blog (click here if you read this through an email message) where you tick the box of your favourite find. The one with the most votes wins - it's simple as that. Now, over to the candidates.

1. The Stimson Safari Six

Found in Rochdale by super-Stimson-fan Paul Wylde after a long search. 
Paul is working avidly on the restoration now, so work in progress

2. Magic Alex' coachbuilt Mini

A coachbuilt Mini formerly owned by Beatle-technician Magic Alex that is shrouded in mystery. 
Was it a Wood & Pickett job, or not? Fact is it survives.

3. The Sabre Vario demonstrator

A Sabre Sprint is rare, but a Sabre Vario is even much rarer! The factory demonstrator turned 
up for sale in Newcastle - still with the company which built it!

4. The Le Mans Mini Marcos

What can I say? My own reward after a painstakingly long and chancy search. 
The legendary Le Mans Mini Marcos is back from the brink
Story herehere and here (and more to follow!)

5. The Sandringham Six Mini

A reader wondered about the whereabouts of the Sandringham Six Mini, and its story was 
unraveled here. Only to see the car being advertised for sale a month later!
Full story here, here and here


  1. It has got to be Number 4 The Le Mans Mini Marcos. No idea who owns it now though :)

  2. What a bloody fix!??! Pete

  3. Haha! Well, for the sake of consensus...

  4. It will be the Le Mans for me.

  5. Nothing wrong with a little bit of nepotism lol so it's Jeroen's Marcos for me too.