Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas puzzle 2016

Since 2010 you can find the traditional Christmas puzzle here, so this is the 7th. With the Le Mans Mini Marcos still in my mind, this year's theme is... racing Mini Marcoses! Below you can see a selection of 16 such cars and what you need to find out is the venue they raced, and preferably also the year, with all extra information such as drivers and qualification as bonus material. There is a tie break question below in case more then one competitor come up with the right answers. The first who has them all right wins a copy of Maximum Mini 3, the new book that came out earlier this year. And I'll sign it for you and give it a little extra designation! Send your answers via the comments below up until December 31 of this year. Good luck!


  1. Ok, I'll go with the following. (I know I've seen Number 4 in a series of photos of the crash, but can't remember where)
    What's the tie break question ?

    1. Peter Hanman, 1975
    2.Algemeen Racing Team, Hans Casteleyn , Zandvoort, 1969
    3.4 September 1966 - Nürburgring: Round 7, International Sports Car Championship (Division I), Nürburgring 500Km, William "Billy" Dulles, DNF.
    5.Weston Super Mare Speed Trials, 2nd October 1965, Geoff Mabbs, crashed.
    6.Montlhéry, 15th October 1967, Paris 1000km, Claude Swietlick and Johnny Rives finished 19th.
    7.Montlhéry, 16th October 1966, Paris 1000km, Adam Potocki and Claude Swietlik finished 23rd.
    8.Silverstone 1968
    9.Montlhéry, 16th October 1966, Paris 1000km, Jean-Louis Marnat and Jean-Pierre Jabouille. Finished 26th.
    10.Vila Real 1981, António Batista
    11.LeMans, Test day 8th April 1967, Jem Marsh, Tim Lalonde
    12.Nürburgring 1,000km - 28th May 1967 F.L.I.R.T.'s Jackie Bond-Smith and Joey Cook, DNF, engine failure on lap 24.
    13.Nürburgring 1,000km - 28th May 1967, Guy Edwards and Peter Anslow, finished 23rd overall, started from 49th on the grid.
    14.Targa Florio, 14th May 1967, Andreasson / Lundberger, Babea Racing, DNF Accident
    15.Gran Premio del Mugello 17th July 1966, Roy Johnson and Guy Edwards
    16.Rutherford Airfield, May 1967, Andy Barton

    1. Ok Number 4 is Brands Hatch in the Summer of 1966, John D. Green crashes on lap 3. (supposedly broke his leg ) Green raced the following year in a Camber GT.

    2. ah yes That's it, mr Green the photographer of "wildlife".after his crash there was much debate about the structural integrity of fiberglass cars. I think the pictures were in Motoring New.

  2. I think i can add not much to the above as just that picture 2 was taken on the 25th of May 1969 the day before the Whitsun races at Zandvoort (this was a formation lap and Casteleijn qualified op the 5th row with a time of 1.59.4 (Hildebrand qualified with the Broadspeed GTS in a time of 1.52.3 on the 3rd row being the fatsest in the upto 1300 class)
    And picture 5 is the Janspeed Jan 1 Marcos and it was crashed during that event.
    The picture of the crashed car does look familiar and must be the tie-breaker here.

    Jacco Mol