Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Mystery Mini derivative (65)

A real mystery from an old mid-1990s issue of MiniWorld magazine is reproduced here below. The rear-engined (or mid-engined?) car was found at the time by S. Jones of Marbury, who wrote to the mag: "I would like some help finding out the identity and history of this rare Mini with the help of MiniWorld and its readers. I need any information on the car, or possibly a photograph of the original, as I have only got the rear body section, two doors and windscreen."

Somehow that rear section seems familiar but I just can't put my finger on it. Anyone out here who recognizes it? And what happened to the car and the plans of S. Jones after the publication?

UPDATE 12:45 - The rear end section is of a Berkeley T60 three-wheeler that's been modified to have two rear wheels. Thanks Vic Price and Richard Carrigan!

Mystery car used it's Mini engine to drive the rear wheels. Only rear section of body survived
Picture S. Jones / MiniWorld

Ladder frame looks strong and rather heavy. Was it another kit car revamped?
Picture S. Jones / MiniWorld

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