Monday, 30 August 2021

An ABC Tricar in France

Another ABC Tricar has resurfaced, this time in Cazouls-lès-Béziers, southern France, which makes it the second that I've heard of outside of the UK. The car comes with a massive Roadhog front spoiler and is offered for sale in one very curious ad. The seller writes:

"ABC manufactured 17 to 24 (3 first partially steel prototypes, 4 with Clubman style nose and 17 full fiberglass bodied cars) Minis with three wheels." I have no idea where that information comes from and I'd love to be educated here but as far as I know there was just one steel prototype (more about that here and here).

But let's not get carried away and continue with what the seller writes:
"I have the French CG (carte grise - the French registration paper) in my name. I never intended to sell it (there is restoration work on it) but I could well use the money for a real estate project. I don't have a lot of photos because I prefer people to come and see for themselves. The price (or close offer), is of course given its rarity and originality (and because it's more durable than a Mini given the fiberglass body). All enthusiasts know that the older the Mini, the more rust, the higher the price... this will not be the case here." Again, I'm not so sure about that and can only ad that the 15,500 euros asking price seems rather steep!

And he goes on: "Do not contact me hoping for a new vehicle, if ever this is the case with a Mini? It's the paperwork that's worth the money, not so much the restoration, which is not expensive for an enthusiast who does not count his hours, but very little in relation to its rarity and the fact that it is beautiful and correctly registered in France. As such it is not a kit car (impossible to register a foreign kit car for years, otherwise I would have had a bunch!), but a brand / an officially recognized manufacturer. An obscure tricycle is not necessarily worth much even if it is super rare, but here it is the fabulous Mini, one of the most popular cars of all time. It took me 6 years to find one (found it 5 years ago) and none have appeared for sale since. I was planning to put a classic front (and get rid of the wide kit) and paint it in a pearly white with gold accents and rent it out for weddings for Mini fans."

How about that? It's good to see it never the less and I have now also added it to the list of ABC Tricars that I know of (here). Thanks all for the tips.

A modified ABC Tricar is seen here in southern France. And it's for sale, too
Picture Leboncoin

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