Thursday, 7 January 2021

ABC Tricars - how many left?

When I was looking for a proper ABC Tricar to photograph for Maximum Mini 2 ages ago, I made a little list with cars known (see it here). But as this is some 10 years now (!) I thought it would be time for an update, as there is much more known now and with recent Tricar activity stirring it up, too.

So here we go. This is the list of cars that I know of now - a total of 15 cars, while 24 were supposedly made. Who can ad more?

TFD 47G - The prototype. This car has been found and is under restoration now. (more here)
XFD 90H - This was the company's demonstrator. I understand it survives but haven't seen it
AFD 95J - Bronze yellow - no further information
BFD 41J - Bronze yellow - no further information
BFD 131J - Red - Hidden in a garden (location known) but no further information (more here)
BFD 88J - Red - Clubman nose, owned by ABC's Bill Powell's son Trevor when new (more here)
CFD 39J - Light Blue - body almost unrecognizably modified
CFD 40J - Red - No further information
RFD 654K - Green - Clubman style nose. Advertised in 2011, current whereabouts unknown
HFD 601K - Red - fully restored by Roy Kirkham, featured in Maximum Mini 2 (here)
JFD 358L - Originally Bronze Yellow, now bright yellow and fully restored (more here and here)
LFD 504L - Bronze yellow - now in the USA in a brighter yellow colour
LFD 984L - Green - Rear end after crash in the late-1970s
Unknown black car - Said to be a Tricar but I'm not sure
Unknown red car - Seen for sale in France in August 2021 (more here)






BFD 131J



EFD 654K

HFD 601K

JFD 358L

LFD 504L

LFD 984L

Unknown car, believed to be a modified ABC Tricar also

Another unknown and modified car, seen for sale in France


  1. Hi Jeroen, The bottom one Unknown car, Looks like the Biota front clip If you compare your Photos on your Biota page.
    Regards Vic.