Thursday, 7 October 2021

Back on the road after 50 years: Rob Thomas Special

Rob Thomas, who built a three-wheeler back in the early 1970s out of the Mini Van of his mother after he'd written that off, has now finished the restoration of his one-off Special. "Finally back on the road", he wrote adding the picture below.

Rob built the trike when he was 22 or 23 years old and had it last on the road in 1976 after which he stored it and almost forgot about it until a few years ago. Last year he told me: "I made a tubular chassis out of 1-inch steam pipe from a heating system and put twin back wheels close together." His mother originally made the seats, while Rob hammered the body out of aluminium. "I must have done 5- or 6,000 miles in it and remember driving it over the M62", he added. "In hindsight people must have thought I was peculiar!"

Congratulation Rob, well done! More historic pictures and information about the Thomas Special can be found here.

2021: Rob Thomas in his own Thomas Special that he has now fully restored
Picture courtesy Rob Thomas

1971 or 1972: Rob Thomas in his creation after he had just finished it
Picture courtesy Rob Thomas

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