Wednesday 6 October 2021

Mike's Tricar - yet another

The list of ABC Tricars keeps on growing. After this one was seen for sale in France last August and this one in a hedge in the UK in June, I received a message from Mike Rogers this month. Mike owned another Tricar that was previously unknown to me. He wrote: "It cost me £400 in 1972, it was red and I picked it up where it was made in Dudley, I think. I had a lot of mechanical trouble as the Mini they converted was dodgy but it was okay in the end when I fixed all the problems. I sold it after a couple of years for £175 to a guy in Upminster."

How do we know it is one that's not on the list of Tricars yet? Because Mike remembers that it was registered 'EFD 469K'. He is still looking for a good picture of it, but does have a clipping from a local newspaper when he was 28 years old (not 24 as the article mentioned) and pictured next to the car. He was quoted: "I've done as much as 90 in it and it feels perfectly safe at 70. It's just like any other car..."

Thanks Mike for letting me know! EFD 469K is now the 16th ABC added to the list - click here.

Michael's ABC Tricar in 1972. It was red and registered EFD 469K
Picture courtesy Mike Rogers / The Echo

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