Friday, 7 January 2022

Biota article gives some new insights

A whole string of articles on Mini based (sports) cars has been seen in print in the last few months and TKC magazine's Biota feature is the last in line. This is a particularly interesting article of seven pages with some great detail and insights. Several of the pictures used have never been seen in print before also, so this is a must-have for the Biota enthusiast.

TKC's always friendly editor Steve Hole, who penned the piece himself, was kind enough to offer a £1 discount on postage for Maximum Mini readers regardless of where they are based. For the UK people that means free postage. Go to this link and use the discount code MAXMINI to order the magazine with the discount. Thanks Steve, keep up the good work!

7-Page article gives some new insights and photos that have not been seen before
Picture Jeroen Booij

January/February 2022 issue is the one to look out for, or order it direct online
Picture Jeroen Booij

Never seen before: John Houghton holding the demonstrator's bonnet on the left, 
Bill Needham seated on the right on the Autospeed show in January 1968
Picture TKC archive


  1. Thanks for the link Jeroen,Just bought a copy.

    1. My pleasure Vic, hope you will enjoy the mag.