Sunday, 2 January 2022

Happy 2022 - Deep Sanderson is Find of the Year 2021

Happy New Year! 

We have a winner here: the Deep Sanderson 301 found in Mexico-City last year received the most votes for the Maximum Mini Find of the Year contest, so congratulations to its finder Henry Davis and owner Victor Milke. 

Victor is a happy man: "Dear Jeroen: Happy new year! May it be a great one! Thanks for the results on the poll. I am glad the car community has an interesting project to restore... and eventually I will get to my task. The idea still is to restore it as a regular driver, not a racer. So far, only gathering a few parts. I bought a steering wheel that could work on it and switches and small bits so far. Best wishes! Victor"

Maximum Mini Find of the Year 2021: the Deep Sanderson 301 of Mexico-City
Picture courtesy Victor Milke

The car was unearthed from its long-term hiding place in March last year
Picture courtesy Victor Milke

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