Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Ogles in Japan (1)

Some time ago I was asked to write the story of the Ogle SX1000 for the much-respected Japanese motoring magazine 'Car Graphic', and that's what I did. It was published in the August issue. Most time went into the box-out on the last page, researching the cars that are in Japan. Six of them were relatively easy to find out more about and with the help of my friends Saiki Wada and Bunzo Yasuda we managed to contact all the car's owners, too. 

But the biggest surprise came from a much-rumoured 7th car over in Japan. It turned out to be more than just a rumour and we did find out more about it, too. The car has been hiding since it was exported to Japan in 1983 and is still pretty much shrouded in mystery, but I'll let you soon know what I found as I'd like to review them here slightly more thorough than the box-out in Car Graphic allowed for. Stay tuned.

Car Graphic magazine featured the Ogle SX1000 recently
Picture Car Graphic / Jeroen Booij

The cars featured are ones I photographed in recent years...
Picture Car Graphic / Jeroen Booij

...Like this stunner of a white car that is in Switzerland
Picture Car Graphic / Jeroen Booij

As well as this one! But it's the box-out on the last page that exites perhaps most
Picture Car Graphic / Jeroen Booij

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