Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mystery Mini derivative (28)

Ah! Another real mystery this time. All I know about this creature - aprt from that it's Mini based - is that it comes in one very bright yellow colour! The front, with low head lights and square bonnet may be reminiscent of a Scamp Mk1 but the rest of it is certainly different. Help me out if you can!

UPDATE: Help recieved within minutes! Chaz Ing writes: "I know this car as it is from Lincoln. It IS a Mark 1 Mini Scamp. The owner has always insisted that it is a Moke and would never listen to any member of the Scamp Owners Club that tried to tell him differently. There are not two Scamps the same as they are altered by theirs owners to suit specific needs. This one has been modified quite heavily to include a boot and the round arches..."Thanks for that, Chaz!

Could the base of this car have been a Scamp Mk1? The front has some similarities

But that's where the similarities end. Screen, sides, roof and especially the rear are, erm, different


  1. Trust me - this IS and Mark 1 Mini Scamp - modified

    1. I also meant to say that no 2 Scamps are the same

  2. Yep a MkI Scamp. Heavily modified rear end, is there more pics?

  3. I don't think the guy has sold it so I will try and and go to see if he'll let me take more photos.

    BTW - 20 years ago this car was painted Barbie Pink :-(

  4. Well the yellow paint work is a wee bit better than the 'Barbie Pink'. I wonder if 'Ken' ever went in it as a passenger!?!

  5. Anyone out here who has pictorial evidence of it being pink?

  6. I agree either its more than likely a 1970s SCAMP pickup MK1 or another SCAMP the 1980s but it was modified or rebuilt. The alternative is perhaps a rare JIMINI Utility of the early 1970s one of the first ones.

  7. I have picture of a green 1970 SCAMP Pickup with canvas top, made with the same bodywork as this yellow one but this one carries a much modified longer and larger bodyshell than usual but it is a 1980s SCAMP Funcar MK2.