Wednesday 5 December 2012

Minus Maxi - who knows one?

It's been seen here before: the odd Mini based Matra Rancho lookalike that's also known as the Minus Maxi; designed and built by Keith Lain in rural Norfolk. I've been looking for one to photograph for ages now, but still without anything like a hint. Last year one was offered for sale on eBay, but I missed out on that one. Now Nimbus Coupe owner Wil Ker sent me a scan of an article about the Maxi that I didn't know. It's a cool write-up with some nice pics, too. I noticed the registration on the red car on the accompanying images was different from the cars that I have seen in pictures. The Q-number is also very close to this car, made by the same group of men at around the same time. Anyway, does anyone know this car (registered as a Minus; date of liability April 1991), or another? The three cars that I now know of are (or were) registered:

BOC 493K (blue)
Q685 HEX (red)
YHH 459K (red)

UPDATE 5 February 2013: another Maxi Minus appears on eBay, it's registered TPE 838S and is white in colour.

British scene. A chat, a horse, soggy weather and one strange kit car. That's Keith Lain on the right
Picture courtesy Kit Car magazine, via Wil Ker


  1. it seems like there is another one - right now on sale on

    its a whit minus maxi, reg. TPE 838S

  2. I spotted YHH459K in Knaresborough in mid-june 2013, the report on the forum "Autoshite" is here:

  3. Hi i seen the blue minus maxi boc today in Birmingham

  4. No idea if you watch this still but BOC currently on ebay!

  5. A blue one on sale on 23 Nov 2016

  6. i,ve just bought the blue one boc

  7. why are you selling BOC so soon after buying it?

  8. I have one, q reg minus maxi