Monday 3 December 2012

Snow and a Swedish Ogle SX1000

Yes. It's that time of year again. The last month of the year has arrived, and so has the first snow. Over here at least. December also means it's time to start looking for the 'Maximum Mini Find of the Year'. In 2010, I chose the prototype Beach Car that was found in a Greek scrap yard; last year you guys voted for the Cheshire Cox GTM. What it will become for this year? I have made a provisionary list of cars that have come to the light in the last 11 months or so, and will make a selection from these in a week. These will make it to a poll, where you, as a reader, can choose your favourite once again. Now, if you do know of another resurfaced Mini derivative that belongs here, drop me a line and it may be just in time to get included, too.

Meanwhile, the snow reminded me of an Ogle SX1000 that made it to Swedish motoring magazine 'Teknikens värld' in 1963. They tested the car and even put it on the cover in very Swedish surroundings. Is there anyone here who knows what happened to that car? If not do you guys happen to know if the registration number 'A5191' is retraceble? Now this could be another excellent 'Find of the Year'...

This Ogle SX1000 clearly made it from the UK over to Sweden. Question is where it is now...
Picture archives Jeroen Booij

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