Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas puzzle 2012

Regulars out here know that I always cook up a little puzzle when Christmas nears and this year is no exception to that tradition. The only difference is that I based my puzzle not on front or rear bits of Mini derivatives like I did in 2010 and 2011. This year the theme is 'faces and places' with not one but two puzzles. It's has the same simple principle though. There are 9 faces and 9 places, and all of them can be associated directly to a Mini derivative. The question is which face/place belongs to which car. I'd like full names and model designations of the cars and the first who cracks it wins a copy of Maximum Mini volume 2 as soon as it is there (yes, yes, it will be there in the end). Send your answers via the comments below up until December 31 of this year. Good luck!

UPDATE 2 January 2013: Well well, this proved to be one step too far! I received little answers, of which Paul Wylde (via email) once again had most right, but with just 7 out of 18 it was not enough to win (he did so last year, so never mind). Next year's puzzle will be slightly simplified again! Anyhow, the right answers would have been:

1. Christopher Lawrence - Deep Sanderson 105 and -301
2. William Towns - Hustler, Minissima, Tracer, Elswick Envoy
3. Ralph Broad - Broadspeed GT
4. Ferris De Joux - De Joux Mini GT
5. Bill Needham - Coldwell GT
6. Gianfranco Padoan - Minimach GT
7. Desmond 'Dizzy' Addicott - DART
8. Jem Marsh - Mini Marcos
9. Keith Lain - Phoenix and McCoy

1. Peel shipyard, Isle of Man - Peel Viking GT
2. Ogle Design & Development, Letchworth - Ogle SX1000
3. Custom Moulds, Andover - Nimbus Coupe
4. Paynes Lane, Nazeing, Essex - Butterfield Musketeer
5. Nostalgia Cars UK Ltd., Taunton - Nostalgia NC1000 
6. Whitby Engineering Ltd, Haslington, Crewe - Whitby Warrior
7. 12 Aintree Road, Perivale, London - Unipower GT
8. BMW Testcentre Nurburg (former BMW Martini garage) - Mini Martini
9. Siva Engineering, Enefco House, The Quay, Poole - Siva Buggy

Faces... (click for a bigger view)

...and places (click for a bigger view)


  1. Are some of you getting close ? I know one face that's it LOL

  2. I'll have a stab at it then, as it proves very difficult!!
    1 Cyril Cannel Peel Viking sport GT
    3 Ralph Broad Broadspeed GT & GTS
    5 Neville Tricket Mini Sprint
    6 Gianfranco Padoan ESAP Minimach GT
    8 Jem March Dart, Mini Marcos GT
    9 Brian Luff Status 365, Mini Minus and Status Minipower

    The other ones look familiar but i can't pin them down!
    Is this close enough to win an issue 2??


  3. Sorry chaps, that's not enough. There's no winner this year.
    All the answers are in the updated article now.