Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mystery Mini derivative (3)

The Japanese like Mini derivatives. And I like the Japanese.
But what on earth could these sporty twins be?
They were spotted at a Mini event on Fuji Speedway a couple of years ago and I suspect them to be Mini based too.


  1. They look like the "Mokes" that are raced in Japan. I don't know much about them but they seem to use a heavily modified Moke inspired body.

  2. You're right Tim!
    I just found out they were designed and built in Japan for their own race class. Crazy stuff. Apparantly 27 were built.

  3. I could check my old miniworlds.. maybe thay have featured the event..


  4. ok some additions.. i hope..

    did google search
    racing moke on Fiuji Circuit
    translated it to Japanes

    found this

  5. another one.. looks like the one on your picture

  6. last one for now..
    it really helps to use google translate to japanes.. and than search for images on


  7. Great detective work Jaapio.
    Keep them coming!

  8. That type of racing moke even exists as a scale model in pink, a friend of mine has one, will post a picture if I get it.

    Here's a different type of racing moke, also in Japan:

  9. Here's a picture of the scale model, owned by "FunnyChris":

  10. These are indeed Japanese Moke-based cars, called the Sport Tottini. They were conceived by a computer software company called Y&T Associates. The glassfibre body transformation was undertaken by Mooncraft in 1994-1996 and featured an Austin-Healey Sprite style grille and a long rear deck. Two versions were made: a single-seater for racing, and a two-seater for road use.
    Cheers, Chris Rees

  11. Great to hear of you here Chris. You are the man to crack these mystery nuts! Plenty more are under way. Best, Jeroen