Thursday, 20 January 2011

Graeme's De Joux galore

The amount of feedback that I received during the last month has been rather overwhelming. I was sent messages, pictures, movie clips, tips and tricks from just about anywhere and I am sure they will lead to great new stories of Mini derivatives of which some you won't even have heard of.

One of the more loyal followers is Graeme Farr of Wellington, New Zealand who owned dozens of Minis and Mini variants over the last decades. Among them two Mini Marcos' and one Mini Jem, two unofficial MiniSprint racers, a Terrapin plus one of those lovely De Joux GTs. He also recognized the Mystery Mini derivative number 4 and sent in some great old magazine clippings about it. The car was simply known as the 'Elf Mini Sprint' and was indeed built and raced by Robin Officer. Graeme thinks the car, or at least its body, survives too on NZ's South island and is chasing it at the very moment. So stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy some of the pictures from Graeme's vast De Joux files. He sent me some photographs of lovely restored cars, but I must say I prefer his shots of sad looking examples, most of which he shot in the 1970's and 1980's. Awesome!

An old De Joux Mini GT, anyone? All pictures: Graeme Farr


  1. Hi as the owner of a restored Mini deJoux its great to see the info on these cars and other cars made by Ferris, I met him before he died
    and he made the rear window for my car for me.
    Murray S

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  3. Thank you very much Murray.
    And do send a picture of your car to if you'd like to see it back on these pages.

  4. Nice to see some pictures of the Mini GTs on the internet. I recognise 5 of the photos as ones I have taken over the years, it is nice to see they are of interest to folks. Two of the pictures that aren't 'mine' are of my old car - one that I owned twice and should never have sold! The unfinished car was also mine for a while... I have dozens of similar photos from the same set and will be uploading them onto my photobucket account as time allows. I have also scanned a period Australian review of the GT.
    I currently have moulds for the front guards, rear guards and sills, that Ferris gave me. If a car owner would like to have them - I think that is where they should be.
    Cheers, Paul Wilkinson.