Friday, 28 January 2011

Cover story

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but I usually do just that. So when the Maximum Mini book was about to be finished I began to think what to put on the front. Mini derivatives, that was for sure. I had a superb shot of William Dulles' Mini Pick Up with the Le Mans Mini Marcos shell at the back that was never published before, but decided I wanted more cars in one picture.

That's when I phoned illustrator Rens Biesma with whom I worked before with great pleasure. Rens makes the most wonderful motoring related paintings, cutaway drawings and he knows his Alfa Romeos, but he liked the idea of this book too and started sketching after just one quick coffee. Some days later he came up with a drawing of the seven cars I suggested (Ogle SX1000; Broadspeed GT; Mini Marcos; Cox GTM; Deep Sanderson 301; Butterfield Musketeer and Unipower GT). I loved it. However, my publisher was convinced the book needed pictures rather then art work on its cover and that's why Rens' painting never made it. Well, here it is. Click up for more detail.

Copyright: Rens Biesma

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  1. Now that's awesome!

    Any hope that R. Biesma could sell high resolution print prepared scan / print of that? would make an awesome framed poster in A1 or A0 size. Signed of course.

    would love to have that on my wall! :)

    Lasse 'Nappe1' Kärkkäinen.