Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mystery Mini derivative (5)

You should not always believe what people want you to believe.
So, no, this is no Ferrari. Despite the bright red paint, twin exhausts, rear spoiler and prancing horse badges. But what is it then? I am told this car is Mini based, but that's about it. All I know is that it was photographed at a Mini meeting in South Africa not too long ago. I wouldn't be surprised if it was built there, too. And whether you like the style or not, it seems a proper job. It may have been based on a Cox GTM or Heerey GTM? At leat two of these late 1960's mid engined marvels ended up there...

Definitely no Ferrari. But what is it?

Update 27 January 2011: No news about the actual mystery, but another picture did surface at the Mini Marcos club's website. It was taken back in 1989 in Johannesburg when it seemed rather unfinished, was on 10" wheels and came without bumpers, Ferrari badges and front opening lid. May I say it had an altogether better look back then? Click here to decide for yourself.

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