Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bitten by the Bison

You will surely remember the CJC Bison: the 'Mini Countach' that was offered for sale recently (click here if not). Well, meanwhile the car is sold to a friend of this blog who wishes to remain anonymous but is kind enough to keep us posted on the resurrection of the beast. Let's call him Buffalo Bill. Initially he was rather sceptical about the car, calling it 'Count-tacky' and 'Lambaguni Testicala' but now that he's picked it up that's all changed. He writes: "It is far better than expected. There is a full 'S' motor (inc. box); 'S' front discs; 'S' master cylinders; 'S' servo; Weber carburettor with 'Team Coldwell' manifold and fully rose jointed rear suspension (similar to early Cox/GTM but far better in design and layout). It is running a steel box chassis with Mini suspension grafted into it, with proper anti-roll bars and coil overs. I bet it handles very well. The quality of the design and the grp is amazing, far better built then many cars that I have seen."

"The worse part is the trim which is wreaked due to the water pouring in through the gaps. All the glass is knackered as well, a lot of its de-laminated, so it needs most of it remaking. I got it going today, it took a while as all the loom is either red or blue wire - of course nothing inside works and all the fuel pipes had broken! Once it fired it roused the dead - man its loud! It is the first Mini engine I have ever started that was blowing as much flame out the Weber as it was out the exhaust! Amazingly it did drive, but the clutch is sticking. The rear wheels are awesome as well, they are 8 x 13 with 225/60 tyres - man, thats going to cost!!"

"Next weekend I am going to swop the master cylinders, the rubber brake, clutch and fuel lines and the front discs - hopefully it will MOT easily - it certainly looks as if it will. It has been built with some care, everything has little access hatchs, so, for example if you need to swop a headlamp bulb, you simply open the little hatch and easy as that! Who ever built it was obviously a) a clever guy, and b) must have wasted a fortune!"

The CJC Bison runs after some much needed TLC by our man 'Buffalo Bill'

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