Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mystery Mini derivative (10)

After six months that this blog is in the air it's time for the 10th Mystery Mini derivatives now. Out of the previous 9 mysteries 4 were solved by you guys. Not bad. But here is a bit of a special one as I have been looking for more information on it for many years now, but have failed to find out much.

First there was the old ad from a well-known classic motoring mag. I got in touch with the seller who unfortunately could not remember whom he sold the car to, while most of his archives were destroyed in a flood and he lost all photographs and records of older transactions. Hmmm.

Then there was the colour picture, sent in by Emilien Pillot of France, who took it in 1993 when the car was offered for sale at another garage in Newhaven. This garage appeared to have vanished but I tracked down the previous owner who then said he could not remember the car. Hmmm. How on earth can you forget that shape? So there we go. Once again any information on this unusual rear engined sporty is welcome.

This gullwinged Mini based creature proves to be a hard nut to crack


  1. Not too sure what this car is but could be the very rare Australian 1970s PELLANDINI Sports that was made for racing and competions but few were made all had BMC 1100 to 1300 S4 engines.

    Or a very rare 1970s COSTIN-Nathan Racer 1100 that has got a similar running gear but tuned for racing purposes and only 4 were built.

    1. Hi Marco, this is definitely not a Pellandini nor a Costin-Nathan!