Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Forest finds

When I take a walk in the forest nearby I may see a deer or a rabbit, or when I'm really lucky a kingfisher perhaps. In a Somerset forest, not too far from Bristol, you may bump into several Minis and Mini derivatives. Here you will find shells of a Minus and a Phoenix estate (that looked rather splendid not too long ago - see here) plus a rotten Scamp Mk1 on 1982 plates, hidden in between the trees. But not for long anymore, as the owner has now decided to clear the place and get rid of them. Pity as it will look like any other wood then. Get in touch with Kingwell Mini Specialist when interested here.

Was this Mini Minus ever built up as a car? It should be a good project

Phoenix was on the road not too long ago but needs lots of work now

Scamp needs an awfull lot of work, but it is a Mk1

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