Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Landar R6 in action

Every now and then former Landar owners or enthusiasts of the Landar marque send me some pictures or material in the old fashioned style: over the post. Some two years ago Tim Frankland sent a lovely R6 brochure that I had never seen before (here); Tim Dyke came up with a stack of pictures (click here) later, followed shortly by Andy Downes' images of an R6 in the 1980s (here). Last week, I received another letter accompanied by some original Landar pictures, this time by Milton Holland of Wolverhampton. Milton wrote: "I hill climbed what I believe was the works prototype R6 in the late 60's and have just come across some photos of my old car. I think my car was the ex-Tim Dyke car as it was white with a gold stripe when I bought it as a rolling chassis for the pricely sum of 350 pounds. I then fitted a 1300 'S' engine on a single Weber and repainted it Ford green with an orange stripe. I met one of the Radnall brothers at Presscot two years ago and believe he was writing a book on the Landar. Regards, Milton Holland." That is, of course, much appreciated, so thank you Milton! I wonder what happened to the car - one of only 10 R6s made...

Going into the esses at a very wet Shelshley Walsh. "I had to take my goggles off" recalls Holland
Picture courtesy Milton Holland

The ex-Tim Dyke car seen here, resplendid in green, at Wiscombe hill climb's Saw Bench corner
Picture courtesy Milton Holland
This picture was taken at Curborough "A local sprint course" added Holland, of Wolverhampton
Picture courtesy Milton Holland

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