Friday, 29 August 2014

Hrubons are everywhere in France

So you like the Hrubon Phaeton a.k.a. Schmitt, which has been featured in Maximum Mini 2? Good news then, as a whole bunch of them has come up for sale in France recently. All in good condition and low mileage and very expensive, or so it seems. But if you have the money - why not pick one up and combine it with a late Summer holiday? I have made a list of all the ones I could find, with a most unusual Mini Moke, customized by Russian/Lithuanian tuner/coachbuilder Dartz as a bonus. With its ridiculously wide wheels I'm not sure if that's really a nice driver though...

Purple with a custom red leather interior - only in Monaco. Price on request. Ad here
Picture courtesy carandclassic

Not far from it, in Cannes, there's a blue one. Asking price 10,500 Euros. Ad here
Picture courtesy leboncoin

One in BRG is located in Paris - yours for a whopping 22.000 Euros. Ad here
Picture courtesy leboncoin

This one is in satin black is in Aucamville. Still not cheap at 15,000 Euros. Ad here
Picture courtesy leboncoin

Not a Hrubon, but a customized (coachbuilt?) Moke by Dartz: 12,200 Euros. Ad here
Picture courtesy leboncoin

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