Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Codford Mini - where are you?

Did I ever mention the Codford Mini here? I don't think so, which makes it about time. The car, built in and named after the village of Codford Saint Mary, certainly looked good. No surprise perhaps, since it was designed by Neville Trickett, following much of the lines of the MiniSprint, but with different nose and rear (hatchback!) sections in fiberglass. You can read its full story in Maximum Mini 2.

Only three were built, and as a matter of fact one of those three cars has disappeared from the radar since ages. It was red; wore the registration number '31 TKT' and was supposedly Cooper 'S' powered. Where did that ever go?

I know the other car - metallic green; registered BPR 2B; 850 power - was crashed and scrapped in the early 1970s, while the third was actually never finished and survives as a badly corroded body. Also: a stack of professionally made pictures of BPR 2B is believed to may well survive - anyone who knows more about these?

The missing Codford Mini was red and supposedly used Cooper 'S' power. Where could it be?
Picture courtesy Chris Rees

Number 2 was crashed and scrapped but a number of glamourous pictures of it could survive
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

Codford Mini number 3 was never finished, but the body does survive - only just
Picture Jeroen Booij


  1. I owned CODFORD MINI 31TKT from approx. 1971 to 1977. It was Red when I bought it and I had it re sprayed Saab Green. It had an Oselli tuned 1100cc engine not a Cooper S as stated. It was very fast and a fantastic little car. I sold it to purchase an MGB GT, the garage had it for several Months before selling it on. The garage was near Axminster in Devon. I have no idea where the car went after that. Always regretted selling it. Graham McCartney, Honiton, Devon.

    1. Thanks very much for your reply Graham! Could you drop me a line on jeroen@jeroenbooij.com ?

  2. Have you seen this image? https://flic.kr/p/qDoTy8