Friday, 5 September 2014

Mystery Mini derivative (37)

This has been a while - no mystery motors have appeared here for some time. But the Mystery Mini derivative is back with a funny four-wheel steered creature which made a brief appearance in two advertisements, supposedly dating back to 1969. At first thought I believed it could have been Mobi-One in a much chopped-up state. Fortunately it isn't. Mobi-One creator Morris Bishop (who is still looking out for the car) told me it could well be 'one of the many copies that there are around'. That leaves us with the question: which one? Do you know it? Share your knowledge here!

Square tube frame, aluminum body, Mini mechanicals. But who built it? 
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Full four-wheel steering would make it a winner at every auto test 
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Morris Cooper S powered, too. Please do not scrap it for the engine alone 
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  1. The seller told me that an associate of Issigonis had something to do with it and that Gaydon had been on the phone!

    1. Not sure, but that may be a slight exaggeration!