Thursday, 25 September 2014

Video: CCC Cox GTM bangs and breaks

Oh dear. Maximum Mini friend Nick Wilkins - who is definitely not afraid to use his gorgeous ex-Car & Car Conversions Cox GTM in anger - crashed the car last weekend at a rally stage held during the Manchester Classic Car show. What went wrong? Video footage by John Mitchell shows it. With its short wheelbase the car oversteers, Nick corrects nicely but unfortunately cannot avoid a big concrete block, hitting it with the rear near side, snapping off a wheel. I like the dry comment: 'Well - We've had a bit of a bang there. We may not be seeing that one on the circuit tomorrow'. But I'm sure Nick and Derek will be able to put it back on the track soon, though. Nick ads: "Its is all stripped-down and ready to be repaired. Luckily it looks worse than it is. A new sub frame and bottom arms and it will be mechanically okay. Body is cracked on the rear but should be relatively easy to repair." See you at Blyton next years boys!

Moment of impact - legendary Cox GTM hits concrete block, bonnet torn apart
Picture courtesy John Mitchell

John Mitchell stood next to the concrete block that Nick hit - and had his video camera running...
Video courtesy Mitchell

The CCC Cox GTM at the Maximum Mini display at Blyton Park in May this year
Picture Jeroen Booij


  1. Video footage is courtesy of John Mitchell! Quick car that, no room for any sideways stuff though especially with concrete blocks about.