Friday, 13 March 2015

Broadspeeding to Blyton Park

Imagine this: a car, which was restored in the UK many moons ago, can now be found in a workshop at the other end of the world where they speak a different language, eat sushi and are carrying out another restoration. This all to get it ready for our Blyton Park event in May (details here). I am very happy to have it on the Maximum Mini display, together with a range of other exiting Mini derivatives. More to follow.

Broadly speaking this will be a stunner. And you can see it in the flesh in May
Picture Jeroen Booij archive


  1. This picture doesn't show a restauration. This is a roof being fitted to a shell, all the cuts are fresh and the rear never even had lights fitted.
    From the looks of it somebody is "recreating" a GT rather then doing a resto!

  2. Definitely not a restoration, the picture says it all.
    This car is being made not restored.
    Jeroen, are you sure it's in Japan??
    The story sounds very Enid Blyton to me.

    Chris Wooden

  3. Possibly the Symbol Motor Co demo car? From the front A pillar it appears to be an internal door hinge body shell.

  4. The Symbol demo car wasn't that bad that it needed a other shell now was it;
    And that resto was already commenced in 2013 ;
    I wouldn't mind a back-end myselve, who made this?

  5. I can't say much more now chaps, but all will be revealed in May. Looking forwards to seeing you there.

  6. Just came across this car on Facebook aswell, as Mr Baines claims he has owned the car for 30 years then the shell must have been new. So this is a replica "Downton GT" then as the Symbol Mini company tried to sell after their resto of 285DOB (that was Mr Baines car until they parted with 5K in 1996 ) in fact that makes this car a replica of a replica. Broadly speaking is't not even close to Ralphs idea then.

  7. Ha! Enthusiastic as ever, mr Mol!

  8. What type og tail lights did they use on the Broadspeed GT?