Monday, 17 August 2015

Not one but three Ranger Cubs!

Reader Ian Whitehead just finished the restoration of his Scamp Mk1 (this one) and now has a healthy appetite for Mini derivatives! He presented himself a Ranger Cub as the next thing to return to its former glory. What's more: it lead to enough spares for another two Cubs! It's very good to hear they are in safe hands with Ian as I remember the green car being offered for sale not too long ago in Leek, Staffordshire, when it was complete and registered… Keep up the good work Ian, and do keep me posted!

Ian just finished the restoration of his Scamp Mk1 and did a fabulous job
Picture courtesy Ian Whitehead

Next on the list: a rare Ranger Cub, or actually three of them! 
Picture courtesy Ian Whitehead

Black car is said to be an unfinished restoration but is nearly there
Picture courtesy Ian Whitehead

complete until recently, the green car is now not more than a bare shell
Picture courtesy Ian Whitehead

Yellow one has its chassis and some body parts. Plenty of spares, that's for sure!
Picture courtesy Ian Whitehead


  1. Does he fancy a 4th? I've got an unfinished mk2 in black - and it's even got an unused soft top!

    1. I am interested for an article. Do get in touch on jeroen at jeroenbooij dot com if you like