Friday 13 November 2015

Another Japanese Unipower GT

Recently spotted at a Japanese meeting - another Unipower GT. It looks to be a Mk2 and comes with 1968 or 1969 'G'-registration, wide bodykit and 13 inch wheels. The number plate tells us it was originally registered in Bootle, Merseyside, and uses 1340cc power. Could it be an ex-works racer?

UPDATE 5 January 2016: Definitely not an ex-works car, it was built up by Gerry Hulford using a wrecked Unipower GT years ago. More here.

Several Unipower GTs have been fitted with wide body kits, like this one in Japan
Picture via Trevor McNamara


  1. There's just something about that look that I like,

  2. Just did a quick search and came up with this

  3. Thank you for a great link to some crisp picys.

  4. No not an ex-works racer, the car went through the workshops of the Lenham Motor company in the late '90's early 00's, the photo there flatters the look of the car!

  5. GEM 911G was never exported!