Friday, 15 July 2016

DART at Chateau Impney

These photographs of the DART were taken last weekend at the Chateau Impney hill climb in Droitwich, where it was entered in the production saloon cars class! Last year saw the revival of the event with some 200 competitors to take the course over the two day event. The photos are kindly provided by Armando Loni. Thanks mate!


  1. I'm not sure this is the original DART, compare the pics to the original,it's quite different. I was told it's a replica built for Goodwood some years ago. Pete

    1. The story of this car is rather extraordinary. It is a replica but not as we know it, as it was based on the real thing or what was left of that. A certain Greg H. was involved, as was Maruyama. It was stolen and recovered and ended up on eBay where the current owner bought it for little money. But then has done a beautiful job in restoring what was left of it as it was unbelievably bad. It's a great car.

  2. So is it the original car that's been modified or a replica? The doors are a different shape (the originals were square in profile at the top), as are the door apetures and the rear windows are different. Bit confused. Pete