Monday, 11 July 2016

The Sandringham 6 Mini again

Last Thursday's story on the Sandringham 6 Mini remains shrouded in mystery. One reader suggested the car's registration may well be DD1 as as in 'Dunlop Denovo' with the car acting as a promotion vehicle for the tyre manufacturer (it is fitted with Dunlop Denovo wheels…) and that certainly was a clever suggestion, but a brief video fragment shows it's definitely OD1. The fragment again comes from Gary Buesnel and he found another image of it in one of his scrap books, too, now showing the side of the car with a lady in the back. There has to be more information about this unusual conversion. Who will be first?

UPDATE 27 July 2016: mystery mostly solved. See here

Still from film fragment shows the car's front. Registration is OD1 rather then DD1
Picture through Gary Buesnel

And now we have a view on the side of the chauffeur driven 6-wheeler, too
Picture through Gary Buesnel

Very briefly it may be, but this video does show the thing on the move
Video courtesy Gary Buesnel

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