Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Magentas on the market

Looking for a winter project and like the traditional looks of the Magenta? This may be the right time to buy one. Several (project) cars have made it to the market in the last weeks. To quote the sales brochure: "In owning a Magenta you will alleviate the problem of body corrosion and probably to the embarrassment of some the Magenta will still be here when the year of registration suffix letter comes around again. Don't let planned obsolescence lower your standards."

Q-reg, 1100 engine and seen for sale in Telford. Starting price 800 GBP - zero bids.
Picture courtesy Ebay.co.uk

Supposedly stored in a barn in Middlebrough from 1983-on. This Lightspeed Magenta comes with the rare factory hardtop with gullwing doors and 'slot mag' wheels. I love it! But no takers...
Picture courtesy Ebay.co.uk

Or fancy a project? This Magenta Sprint comes with 998 Mini engine but needed lots of work. 
Oh and again: unsold
Picture courtesy Ebay.co.uk

Not Mini based, but this one deserves a mention here, I believe: an incredibly rare Ford-based Magenta Tarragon was seen in Sheffield. It's a unique example built for rallying. It sold for 103.50 GBP
Picture courtesy Ebay.co.uk


  1. Hallo een Magenta is toch op en basis van de ADO 16?

    1. Klopt. Hoewel… De Magenta Sprint was gebaseerd op de Mini. En aardig wat van de gewone Maganta's gebruikten ook een Mini-donor in plaats van een 1100 of 1300. Vandaar dat 'ie hier ook een plaatsje verdient. Zoals wel meer ADO16-derivaten, trouwens. Snuffels maar eens goed rond. op deze pagina's en je komt nog meer verrassingen tegen.