Wednesday, 26 October 2016

BB Special - it runs

There are not too many people building Mini based Specials nowadays, so I was much surprised to find one such person not far from where I live early last year. Carpenter Bauke Buscher had already built two Sylva road cars in the past but is also a Mini enthusiast who has been auto testing Minis for years. Now, as his Mini proved not to be competitive enough for him anymore, he decided to build a car of his own design last September. It had to be Mini based, as his experiences with the Mini's mechanicals were good and as he had a spare 1275 lump lying in the workshop. And so work started by welding a tubular space frame chassis of his own design last year. He placed the reconditioned engine with its subframe just behind the seat, with locked steering arms. The simple body is aluminum, keeping the kerb weight below the 400kgs-mark. Last weekend, the car competed for the first time in the Wimedo autotest and did well. The gorgeous photographs below were taken by Roald Rakers, who informed me about Bauke's project in the first place. Thanks again chaps and Bauke, keep up the great work!

It's diminutive! BB Special was built in a year's time in Bauke Buscher's garage
Picture courtesy Roald Rakers

Car uses reconditioned 1275 A+ engine at the rear and weighs under 400 kgs
Picture courtesy Roald Rakers

That's Bauke himself. He previously built two very fast Sylva Mojos but is a Mini man at heart 
Picture courtesy Roald Rakers

The BB Special is all about simplicity, but it all seems to work exceptionally well  
Picture courtesy Roald Rakers

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  1. Hi Jeroen, can you persuade him to get over to Blyton next year??